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Sewing machines for organized stalking victims

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

Female domain investors in India are targetted for organized stalking by the jealous powerful top indian intelligence and security agency officials, especially if the domain investor is not well connected,not good looking, single and large companies wish to acquire talent and technology cheaply. The indian intelligence agencies, especially CBI, NTRO are ruthless in destroying the life, reputation and finances of the their victim, the targetted individual, blocking almost all payment, closing the account to force the person to sell the domain names cheaply.
It is very frustrating for the domain investor, however much time and effort he or she may spend online, the income does not increase, in fact, it is decreasing rapidly . When almost all the work they are doing online results in almost zero income due to abuse of power, the confidence of the person reduces rapidly. One of the better methods to rebuild the confidence of a person is by stitching clothes and other items. Most women are doing some stitching manually , however for larger clothes stitching can take a lot of time and the stitches are likely to come out, when a lot of pressure is being applied,
So it is better to invest some money and purchase a sewing machine, tailors are charging Rs 150 for clothes like a kurti, which an experienced tailor can complete in 1.5 hours. So for 8 hours of work, a experienced tailor can easily make rs 800-1000 daily, which is far more than what an organized stalking victim can make in India, especially when the corrupt ntro, cbi employees are blocking almost all online payment, without assigning any kind of reason.